A little about myself – revisited.

This website has been up and running on the internet for years – and as hard and painful as much for me to admit, I have been slacking all the way on my job of posting ‘useful’ stuff on this website.

Here are some of the information in case some of you are actually curious about me and my background, but due to concerns on privacy and of course, the law, I cannot share all of them.

I am initially from China (the mainland) and spent 4 years in western Mass. pursuing my bachelor’s degree. Those 4 years were quite memorable and bumpy for me since it was filled with trial-and-errors. To be precise, I was hanging on the cliff and trying to stay on the line not to get dismissed from the school, and I am so darn glad that I made it through. (Not your typical Asian kid here – I swinged my 4 whole years and got a lot of Cs and Fs.)

Thrills and scars aside, now I am pursuing my master’s degree in NYC, with my hope on starting a new period of life and a clean transcript to build… And my mind just got stopped here.

Maybe I am your guy if you got a life problem, maybe not.

Maybe I will reply your email as soon as I can, maybe not.

I can start writing thousands of words for a disclaimer-like “disclaimer” here, but it has never been my intention.

With all that stuff cleared out of the way, here’s my email:


Use it with your own discretion.

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