Update @ 04/04/2018

Sorry for this late update…

Damn, this looks like my usual email reply.

Anyway, the reason I updated this log late, for a whole day, is because of my $H#Tin’ Bluetooth keyboard.

Oh, it’s actually the receiver the one to blame, I guess. It just cannot go well with any keyboards and throwing this kind of scene into my face:


That’s what you can get with a single hit to ‘0’.

I tried various way to fix it, like updating the drivers, rebooting this PC, and I even had reinstalled OSs on this PC… None of them worked. Maybe I will head to the lab and swap out the receiver and solve this problem once and for all.


By the way, I got an interview!

Yeah, an interview for getting a job — Student Bus Driver!

Please don’t laugh me at this… It’s hard for finding a part-time job for international students in these days…

Take whatever you can get, right? (The wage rate is way higher than other jobs… Like the student assistant in library, which is my previous job.)

(Yeah I had to resign because of all the engineering-courses mess.)

(Why the fxxk did I chose to study CSE from the beginning… I might be hating myself so much while I made that decison.)

(Now I am kind of like it… What am I thinking?!)

Alright, this is about all I have for today and gotta go.

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